Stick with what you know

This weekend, we at the P & P Drinking Company tried a new vodka. It was kind of harsh, and only became palatable when mixed 1:1 with Pinnacle whipped cream vodka. The whipped cream flavor disappeared, but the whole thing became smoother with that addition. So our advice would fall into three parts here:
Part the First: Colder is definitely better. When in doubt, add more ice.
Part B: If something isn’t as smooth as you’d like, try adding something that shifts the flavor a little bit–something a little sweet (like whipped cream vodka), something a little sharp (more lime juice), whatever.
Part 3: Stick with what you know.

Trust us on this.

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How Much?

A joke from the P & P Drinking Company:

he says:  we need vodka.

she says:  how much vodka?

he says: all of it.

(And it’s true!  Trust us on this….)

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