A New Twist…

On an old fave.  Just as an FYI, a cosmo made with Stoli (R) Ohranj (TM) is pretty darn yummy. 

Trust us on this.

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A Quick Cocktail Improv

I ended up at a friend’s over the weekend–a friend with a seriously lacking bar. I was smart enough to bring my own Svedka (R) clementine vodka. We pawed through what little liquor they had, and found a bottle of triple sec. Not much in the way of mixers to be found, but there was OJ in the fridge. So I improvised this (and please note the careful measurements): a goodly slugslugslug of vodka , a slug of triple sec , and a splash of OJ, over ice, stirred vigorously. Served in little 70’s retro cordial glasses. (So lacking in good bar stock, but not groovy glassware.)  Trust us on this–it was surprisingly delish….but what to name it?

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