Vodka Challenge

Also at our recent fiesta, we hosted a vodka-off….

I pitted my new fave, the Slovakian born & bred Double Cross against the vodka a colleague uses to compare all vodkas to, Russian Standard.  While both were extremely tasty, here’s my analysis….

The Russian Standard was very good, and held up well even when not particularly cold.  But the Double Cross….oh, the Double Cross.  Incredibly smooth, completely delectable.  Clearly for sipping, not for mixing.  (And never for shots!  Oh, the humanity!)  So both lovely, but for all tasters,  the Double Cross was the clear winner.

It’s not inexpensive (~$40 for a 750 mL bottle), but totally worth every penny.

Trust us on this.

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Party Time!

It’s time for holiday festivities to commence!  We at the P & P Drinking Company hosted a party this weekend.  My partner-in-crime was the bartenderer;  I was the hostessess with the mostessess.  I can’t really say what-all was concocted.  All I know is that everything that was handed to me was pretty darn tasty.  A few standouts worth mentioning:

-ginger vodka + lemonade = yum.

-ginger vodka + almost anything = yum.

-ginger vodka on its own = yum.

-cosmos are definitely a crowd fave.

-Ocean Spray now makes a cranberry juice cocktail with lime.

-Becherovka (an herbal bitters from the Czech Republic) is an interesting addition to the bar.

Trust us on this.

(p.s.–What were you drinking during the gala event?  Was there something you particularly enjoyed?  Inquiring minds want to know….)

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