Lucky Cat

At a recent visit to P.F. Chang’s, we tried the Lucky Cat martini, made with Chambord, vanilla vodka, and pineapple juice.  We’ve been trying to work out a version of this delectable confection at home, but are having some difficulty with the proportions….we’ll just have to continue with our experimentation.  (le sigh)  If you decide to try it at home, please let us know how it goes.  We’re sure it will be worth the effort.

Trust us on this.

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My Oh My

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

Trust us on this.

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Vanilla Ginger? Yes, Please.

Lately, we’ve been enjoying a delightful little beverage, concocted by our friend, Twink.  It goes something like this:

2 parts Stoli Vanil

1 part ginger ale

1/2 part cranberry juice.

Mix in a tall glass with ice.  (In case you have not noticed, it’s the other half of the P &  P Drinking Company that’s enamored with the shaker.  I’m more of the “tall-glass-with-ice” type.)

The important thing about this drink is to make sure that there’s enough vodka to get the vanilla flavor.  It’s the balance of the three (no more, no less) that makes it work.

Trust us on this.

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