By the Campfire

We joined some friends over the weekend & had a little campfire.  Lemonade, fresh strawberries, and rum is a delightful beverage to quaff under the stars.  The Jack Daniels Honey doesn’t suck, either.

Trust us on this.

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How About A Nice Hawaiian Punch?

Spring has arrived in these parts, and that means cocktails on the veranda for everybody!  We’re nowhere near Hawaii, but the tropical flavors in this made us think of that old TV spot (you know the one, illustrated by Marty Mandelblatt, where that line is followed up with an animated punch).

Here’s what we were drinking at sunset last night:

Stoli vanilla vodka + Skyy ginger vodka + pineapple juice + tonic.

Fortunately, it tastes a heck of a lot better than Hawaiian punch.

Trust us on this.

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High West

On a recent road trip, we at the P & P Drinking Company had an opportunity to sample some local firewater in Utah.  The brand is High West, and they are located in Park City. I believe that we tried the Rocky Mountain Rye.  It had an interesting, almost banana-y flavor.  We tried it straight, but can see how it might be interesting in a mixed drink….

Trust us on this.

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