Cherry Sparkler

It’s been brutally hot here, and a friend of the P&P Drinking Company concocted this fizzy drink, which is ideal in this weather:

1 part cherry vodka (we’re using Three Olives Cherry)

1 part club soda

splash of grenadine

splash of lime juice

lime wedges

Shaken, not stirred.  Simple, elegant, refreshing!

Trust us on this.

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The weather here has been an absolute delight lately.  As such, we at the P & P Drinking Company have been enjoying our evening meals al fresco.  As an accompaniment to last night’s meal on the back porch, we had Lindeman’s Pomme Lambic with the cheese course, a Willamette Valley Pinot Gris with the entree, and Elmo Pio Moscato with dessert. Crisp and slightly sweet….delightful summer beverages all. 

Trust us on this.

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