Who’s Your Granny?

A friend of the P & P Drinking Company, New England division, has created what may be the perfect autumnal cocktail.  Her recipe:

2 parts apple ginger vodka (absolutely Absolut)
2 parts Stirrings apple martini mixer
1 part simple syrup, if you like it sweeter
Polar Granny Apple seltzer, to taste

Yum.  (And I love the way she garnished  it with a sliver of apple.  Pretty!)

Trust us on this.



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Candy is Dandy…

but liquor is quicker.  A while back, we accidentally discovered that Honey Jack was an excellent accompaniment to the sea salt honey caramels from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC.    A few days ago, we discovered, again by accident, that the Sogno di Sorrento crema limoncello and the super lemony lemon bites from Trader Joe’s are an equally wonderful pairing.

So candy may be dandy, and liquor may be quicker, but together, they’re pretty well unbeatable.

Trust us on this.

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Local Firewater

As we at the P & P Drinking Company travel around the country, we do like to sample the locally-made liquors.  In Rhode Island, we tried the Loyal 9 (of Kingtown, RI) seasonal vodka, which was mint-cucumber.  It was fairly smooth, but very subtly flavored.  Here’s what we made (as of yet unnamed):

The Ingredients:

2 parts Loyal 9 Mint Cucumber Vodka

1 part Simple Syrup

2 parts Polar Seltzer

Lime, basil, and cucumber

Muddle basil into simple syrup.  Mix vodka and simple syrup into a glass with ice, and top with seltzer.  Squeeze in some lime juice, and add some small bits of chopped up cucumber.  Then decide that it’s too subtly flavored, and add more cucumber.  Add a garnish to make it look pretty.

It wasn’t a bad drink, it just wasn’t my favorite.  All in all, we decided that this vodka works best in a bloody Mary, where the subtle hints of cucumber and mint are just right.

Trust us on this.


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Tropical Yum

So Jamestown, RI doesn’t exactly count as “the tropics.”  But, while there, we concocted this spot of tropical yum, which could really only happen in New England….

The recipe:

3 parts Pearl coconut vodka

3 parts Polar orange dry soda  (this is the New England part.)

1/8 lime

Put some ice in a glass.  Pour in vodka and top with soda.  Squeeze in lime juice and stir.  Voila!

Trust us on this.

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The Jamestown Blue Moon

So we’re here in Jamestown, RI, watching the blue moon rise over Narragansett Bay…..

and drinking the Jamestown Blue Moon:

The Jamestown Blue Moon

1 part limoncello (we used our favorite, Sogno di Sorrento)

2 parts blueberry vodka (Stoli, natch)

1 parts lemonade

1 part lemon seltzer (when in New England, try the Polar brand)

1/8 lime

Shake first three ingredients with ice, until suitably chilled and silky smooth.  Decant into pretty glasses,  top off with seltzer & squeeze in the juice from the lime.  Enjoy under the light of the blue moon.

Trust us on this.

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