A Question

Recently, a friend asked us, “So what’s the BEST brand of vodka?”  We thought he was just trying to change the subject, but he assured us that it was a real question, so we decided to give him a real answer.    And the real answer is….it depends.  But here are some of our faves:

  • straight up, ice cold:  Double Cross
  • straight up, not so cold:  Russian Standard
  • best plain mixer:  Stolichnaya
  • most versatile flavored mixer:  Stoli Vanil
  • best color:  Three Olives Dude
  • best bargain brand:  Svedka
  • best inclusion:  Zubrowka
  • best dessert:  Stoli Chocolat Razberi

That’s what we like.  What’s your fave?  We’d love to know.

Trust us on this.


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Purple Pez

At a recent party, someone brought a drink they call “Purple Pez,” which falls perfectly into the dangerous drink category.  When we asked what was in it, we were told, “grape vodka, raspberry vodka, blueberry and raspberry razzmatazz, and mojito mix.”  It’s a fantastic combination that goes down way (way!) too smoothly.  The person who brought it said that they have slushy machine in the house…..so you can bet that next time they have a party, we will definitely be angling for an invite, and you should, too.

Trust us on this.

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A Man Walks into a Bar…..


We know a ton of jokes like this.  None of them are funny.

Trust us on this.

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