sent by Jax

sent by Jax


Trust us on this.

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More Wintry Mix

Absolut pear vodka & ginger ale….crisp & spicy.

Trust us on this.

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For a Cold Spell

As some of you may know, it has been brutally cold here on the East Coast. A recent weather-appropriate drink is this:

Get a small hot chocolate (with whipped cream) in a large cup.
Fill to the rim with toasted marshmallow vodka.
Best enjoyed fireside in a fancy hotel lobby.

Trust us on this.

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Vodka Saves Puppy

No lie. Here’s the link….(forwarded to us by a friend.)

We have only two questions:

1) Where can we get a vodka drip? And,
2) What kind of dog is that? It’s really cute.

Trust us on this.

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At Osteria the other week, I had them make me a modified sage gimlet….vodka, lime juice, a little simple syrup, , and SAGE (from Art in the Age), and garnished beautifully with a single fresh sage leaf. (And hey, did I mention that we got a bottle of SAGE for Christmas? Hooray!) There was a little “discussion” with the server….she was reluctant to swap out vodka for the gin, because someone had once tried it and was unhappy with it. I assured her that, since I don’t care for gin, that it would definitely be better with vodka. And I was right.

Trust us on this.

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