Birthday Girl Cocktails

Birthday girls deserve nice cocktails, right? So we mixed up Stoli Vanil with black cherry seltzer, added some Skyy Cherry to amp up the cherriness of it, and just a splash of Sprite to sweeten it up. And then told those that asked that we were drinking water. (After all, who could tell otherwise?) And what’s a nice birthday finish? A shot of Disaronno for dessert, that’s what.

Trust us on this.

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Cold Wind or Bahama Breeze?

Here in the mid-Atlantic region, we’ve been having sub-freezing temperatures and 35 mph winds. Time for a tropical cocktail, no? Bahama Breeze it is! The waiter suggested that my dining companion get the Yaka Hula Hickey Dula, but I decided that if she couldn’t say it, then she couldn’t order it. So no Yaka Hula for her.

I ordered a modified Lemon Ginger Mojito, with citrus vodka (instead of the Bacardi Limon), Canton (that oh-so-yummy ginger liqueur), fresh squeezed cane juice, club soda, fresh mint leaves, and lemon wedges. Muddle that up in a glass, and it’s definitely enough to drive the chill away!

Trust us on this.

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Work It.


See you at the next meeting!

Trust us on this.

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