And Speaking of True Blue….

A friend recently introduced us to Ocean Spray’s sparkling blueberry-pomegranate juice. He mixed it up for us with plain vodka, and it was super yummy. (Not just yummy, super yummy! It is a little spendy, but totally worth it.)
But, on a recent girls’ weekend in NYC, we decided to up the ante….

The True Blue
2 parts Stoli Blueberi
1 part Ocean Spray sparkling blueberry-pomegranate juice
1 part vanilla seltzer (again, Polar)

Mix over ice. (The juice and the seltzer alone make a refreshing beverage, if someone’s not imbibing.)

This one’s for my girls….because there’s nothing like true blue friendship. ❤

Trust us on this.

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At a recent gathering, folks were drinking Brewvolution from Prism Brewing Company. As you know, we here at the P & P Drinking Company are not big beer drinkers, but we crafted a complimentary cocktail to go along with their ale (and yes, Brewvolution is based off of an IPA, so “ale” is the correct terminology). We present to you Blue-Va-Lution:

2 parts Stoli Blueberi
1 part Stoli Vanilla
2 parts lemonade (we used Minute Maid)
1 part vanilla seltzer (we used our favorite, Polar)

Mix all ingredients over ice, stir, & garnish with a wedge of lime.

You’ll feel positively true-blue.

Trust us on this.

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