The Sparklin’ Blue Twistini


blue sugar
1 part Stoli Blueberi
1 part DeKuyper Blueberry
1 part Polar vanilla seltzer
1 part Ocean Spray Sparkling Blueberry-Pomegranate juice
fresh squeezed lemon juice, to taste
lemon twist

Sugar the rim of the glasses. It’s not just for decoration….it actually adds a nice complement to the drink.
Mix vodka, schnapps, seltzer and juice together. Stirred, not shaken….our preferred mixing mechanism for carbonated beverages. Squeeze in just a few drops of lemon juice. (It doesn’t take much.) Pour into glasses and garnish with a twist. Guaranteed to be sparklin’, blue, and twisty.

Trust us on this.

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A Kickin’ Martini

Did you know that Absolut now makes a cilantro-flavored vodka? Me neither. Our friends of the P & P Drinking Compny, Northern Division discovered it in Rhode Island and just had to buy some. What to pair it with? House-made cilantro-jalapeno-lime simple syrup, of course! It makes a perfect martini, with a most excellent balance of flavors….a little sweet, a little herbal, a little zingy. Make the simple syrup a little spicier than you think you like, the vodka will mellow it out.

Trust us on this.

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