Sip Smart Holiday


So I found this info on

Sip without guilt

Champagne (4 oz), 85 cal

Hot toddy (9 oz), 130 cal

Light beer (12-oz bottle), 90 to 120 cal

Tequila on the rocks with a splash of seltzer and squeeze of lemon/lime (1.5 oz), 120 cal

Vodka and soda with a splash of cranberry (5 oz), 130 cal

Wine (5 oz), about 120 cal

White wine spritzer (5 oz), 60 cal

Sip sparingly

Eggnog (6 oz), 400 cal

Holiday punch (5 oz), about 200 cal

Hot buttered rum (5 oz), 400 cal

Peppermint martini or other specialty cocktail (50 to 100 calories for every ounce of alcohol it contains—and that’s before the juices, sugar and other add-ons)

Spiked cocoa (6 oz), about 300 cal

So there you go. Now you can choose wisely.
Oh….and that mintini above? Made with minty liquor, white chocolately liquor, vodka (for a total of about 3 oz.)…and water with Mio as the mixer, so not too bad. No, we did not eat the cutie-patootie curled candy cane garnish, but thought it made the drink absolutely adorbs! A few of those and you will definitely have a happy holiday!

Trust us on this.

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