Tupelo Honey

She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey,
Just like honey, baby, from a bee.

-Van Morrison


On a recent road trip to Asheville, NC, we decided to indulge in some breakfast cocktails at Tupelo Honey. We don’t normally have cocktails at breakfast (well, maybe just a bit of amaretto in our tea), but….we were on vacation.

For me, the “Violet Beauregarde” (on the left), with Absolut Citron, St. Germain, blueberry puree, fresh lemon, and sparkling wine, garnished with blueberries and fresh mint.

For my companion, the crazy-ass “Queen Mary” (on the right): roasted yellow tomatoes, garlic, Bloody Mary seasoning, fresh lemon juice, and vodka, garnished with everything but the kitchen sink. What counts as “everything but the kitchen sink?” Lemon, lime, pickled okra, pimento cheese stuffed olive, grilled shrimp, celery, asparagus, pickled jalapeno, cherry tomato, and yes(!), that is a piece of maple pepper bacon. Absolute craziness!

And the restaurant’s namesake tune? Van “the Man” wrote it, but we find Cassandra Wilson’s version ever-so-much smoother.

Trust us on this.

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New Year’s Special

Happy New Year, everyone!

We had the pleasure of spending New Year’s Eve with the work posse. The host asked what he should have for mixers, and I boldly stated that I could make a variety of cocktails as long as I had club soda, ginger ale, and tonic.

We started off the evening with this concoction: 2 parts Kraken rum to 1 part Stoli to 3 parts ginger ale. (Ah, the refreshing taste of Schweppervesence!) The boyfriend with the black shoes tasted, then suggested adding some lime. Fortunately, our host was well prepared and already had lime wedges right there. And a squeeze of lime made this cocktail into a star!

Trust us on this.

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