A Momentous Occasion

Last Saturday was “Pi Day”, which is like Christmas in Nerdsville. (It’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday, so double score!) This year was a particularly momentous one, the type that only comes around once a century, as it was 3/14/15. We had a Framily party to celebrate, complete with chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, blue cheese bacon pie, pizza pie, chocolate pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, apple pie….are you sensing a theme?

But the most appropriate way to celebrate? With special shots at 9:26:53, of course! Our hostess decided that we would have Vulcan Mind Melds, to toast Leonard Nimoy’s passing. (The toast? LLAP. It’s only logical.) If you’ve never had a VMM, it’s a 1:1 ratio of ouzo and Bacardi 151. And it’s completely nasty. (Thank goodness we had pumpkin pie shots as backup!)

Trust us on this.

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