The Bluebird of Happiness


So a new place opened in Phoenixville…..Bluebird Distilling.

We were there about 1 week after their grand opening.  Just as a warning, they only have three parking spaces.  (There is nearby on-street parking, but parking in Phoenixville can be tough in prime time.)  It’s an unassuming little place from the outside, but very comfy inside.  They have a special kind of liquor license, so they only serve their own brews.  When we were there, only their white rye and vodka were ready.  (Going forward, I believe that bourbon, gin, and rum are also planned.)  They offered us tasters, which was nice….and confirmed that I really am a vodka girl!

This is not a place where they make drinks, this is a place where they craft cocktails, complete with house-made syrups, flavored bitters, smacked herbs, and flamed citrus peels.  Here’s what was available then, although my understanding is that the menu will change regularly:


Yes, in case you are wondering, we ran the menu….and every single one was delicious.

From left to right:  Blackberry Smash (Terri style), Old Fashioned Smash, and Beet Box.

From left to right: Blackberry Smash (Terri style), Old Fashioned Smash, and Beet Box.

If you order that blackberry smash with vodka instead of rye, our charming server dubbed that “Terri style”.  And the Beet Box tastes nothing like beets.  (Which some of our party thought was a good thing, and some did not.)

All in all, it’s a delightful little place, run by people that are clearly following their bliss….and we are more than happy to help them live that dream!

Trust us on this.

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