Goodbye, Summer

and all at once, summer collapsed into fall.-Oscar Wilde

We spent the last of the sparkling summer days, before we slipped into fall, having brunch on the veranda (aka “the back porch”.)  At some point, I found elderflower prosecco at the liquor store, and kept it on ice, waiting for the right opportunity….and here it was.

Friends, food, sun, and the impending shift in seasons…..


Mixed with a little sparkling lemonade, it was a light and refreshing way to toast the end of summer.  (Although next time, I’d add a shot of St. Germain to up the elderflower-ness of it.)

Trust us on this.

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Czech This Out!

A friend of the P & P Drinking Company recently went to Prague on business. In advance of his trip, he asked for restaurant recommendations….and we, of course, suggested that he give Becherovka a try while there. It’s a rather nice herbal liqueur and, to our knowledge, not available in the US. And hey, if you’re gonna travel, why not drink like the locals?

He took our sage advice, and liked it well enough to bring a bottle home….where he promptly did something that never would have occurred to us and mixed it with bourbon. And limoncello. Interesting and creative, and (thankfully) willing to share….

The Czech Out
2 parts Buffalo Trace bourbon
1 part Becherovka
0.5 part limoncello

Add all ingredients to shaker with ice.  Let it sit for a few minutes, then shakeshakeshake.  Best served in a cosmopolitan glass, and guaranteed to make you say, “Na Zdravi!”

It’s not a mixture that sounds like it should work, because each of those ingredients has such a strong and distinctive flavor.  But they temper each other beautifully, and it ends up being nicely smokyspicysweet.

Trust us on this.

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