Maple Bourbon


Lately, we at the P&P Drinking Company have been slightly obsessed with the idea of maple and bourbon together.  Maple-bacon-bourbon cupcakes came to us in a dream a while back, but we haven’t had time to execute them yet.  (We anticipate an highly complex experimental design that requires multiple iterations…. applications are being accepted now for volunteer tasters!)

So when our friend brought out his copy of “Shake:  A New Perspective in Cocktails” by Eric Prum & Josh Williams, and his bottle of Hirsch bourbon, we were all over their version of the Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour.  The only problem was the lack of one necessary ingredient:  lemon juice.  Not to be deterred, he suggested the (slightly genius) substitution of ginger beer, which led to this delicious concoction:

The Maple Bourbon Not-So-Sour

  • 3 parts bourbon
  • 1.5 parts ginger beer
  • 0.75 parts maple syrup
  • fresh rosemary

Crush a spring a rosemary and add to shaker with all other ingredients.  Add some ice, and shakeshakeshake.  Strain into glasses & garnish with additional rosemary.  (You know, for beauty.)

The rosemary comes out far more strongly than expected, the maple syrup adds just the right amount of sweetness without being too cloying, and the bourbon and ginger play so very, very nicely together.  This drink is in the “Fall” section of the book, but we have every confidence that it will sustain us well into winter (and possibly even into spring.)

Trust us on this.

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