Happy New Year!  Now that the whirlwind which is the holidays is starting to wind down, we have a minute to catch our breath.  At our annual holiday fiesta last month, we decided to try a champagne cocktail.  Traditionally, champagne cocktail is made with cognac and champagne.  But we at the P & P Drinking Company *might* be a little less conventional than that.  (Which you may have realized already.)  This is our permutation, I mean pomutation, of a champagne cocktail:

2 parts prosecco (because why use champagne when prosecco is so lovely?)

1 part pomegranate juice

1 part pomegranate seltzer (we used Polar brand)

1/2 part pomegranate vodka (we used Three O)

pomegranate seeds, to garnish

We mixed it all up in a pitcher….and it was totally crisp and refreshing, with layers upon layers of pomegranate flavor that really worked.  A nice alternative to both a traditional champagne cocktail, and to the sweet Cosmo-esque martini that we also served.

Trust us on this.

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