Of a French Martini and Martinique


Our friend Jules blew in from out of town, and for once, we at the P&P Drinking Company had the pleasure of someone else making cocktails for us.  One of Jules’ specialties is a French martini, which is usually vodka, Chambord, and pineapple juice.  The twist here is that Jules prefers vanilla vodka (Stoli, natch) for a slightly more refined flavor.  DEEEE-lish!

But…uh-oh! For the second round, we only had about half of the vanilla vodka that we needed.  I was going to grab some unflavored vodka, but Jules spied the Pearl coconut vodka and decided to give that a whirl.  Such is the inception of the Martinique, a Caribbean spin on the French Martini, and O! M! G!  It is absolutely a cocktail meant to be served on the veranda on a summer evening, watching the sun set and the fireflies flicker.

Trust us on this.


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