Glamorous Columbus, OH

Over the summer, I went to glamorous Columbus, OH on business.  (For Microscopy & Microanalysis, where I gave a talk entitled “Correlating Substrate Properties with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Performance.”  Scintillating, I know.)  As it turns out, Columbus has a much more vibrant restaurant scene than I was expecting, which was good.  But it is totally not a vodka town, which is not-so-good.  But bourbon?  Oh, yeah….there was bourbon.  There were two bourbon cocktails that particularly stood out:

  • At the Eagle, a bourbon punch with Old Forrester, Ginger Liqueur, Cranberry, White Grape, and House Sour Mix
  • At Bakersfield, the “Red Headed Stranger” (because how could I not?), with Old Forrester, Domaine de Canton, lemon just, Angostura, and cayenne.

Old Forrester is not my bourbon of choice (that honor goes to Buffalo Trace), but these cocktails were both pretty smooth.  (Of course, the addition of Canton always helps.)  As we moved toward cooler temps, these give us a nice base to play around with.

Trust us on this.

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